Over the past 27 years, Russ Braden, the founder of Switch Filtration™, built a reputation for delivering application engineering excellence and exceptional customer service in his position as president of Thermal & Mechanical Equipment Company (TMEC), a leading distributor supplying OEM products to the high speed rotating equipment industry.

His experience at TMEC, distributing high quality products and collecting best practices, led him to the decision to form a new company, one that specializes in manufacturing OEM replacement filter elements for the same high speed rotating equipment industry. Switch Filtration™ was born.

Today, we have created a culture that cares about providing a superior customer experience while striving to exceed current industry standards. In manufacturing OEM replacement filter elements with ISO certified materials, we ensure premier products for our high speed rotating equipment clientele. The direct result is a significant improvement in both the quality and price of these filter elements for our customers.

"I have great respect for the gas turbine industry. As a chemical engineer, I intimately understand what it takes to protect these turbines. The high speed rotating equipment industry demands the highest level of perfection. After 27 years of building a successful distribution company, I could have retired, but I chose instead to build a new company in the industry I value so much. One that specializes in manufacturing the very highest quality replacement filter elements available in the market today."

– Russ Braden