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Replacement Filter Elements for John Crane Indufil™ Filters

Switch Filtration® builds duplicate replacement filter elements for OEM parts. You will never have a concern about the fit and seal into the John Crane filter housing and most importantly you will never have concern about the performance of our Indufil replacement filter element. Layer by layer, material by material, we source, machine, weld, pleat, and assemble the filter elements to be duplicates and combine this build with years of actual experience with John Crane Indufil filter products. Few, if any in the field of building replacement filter elements for John Crane Indufil filter products can boast this experience level in the sale of fuel gas, seal gas, liquid fuel, and lube oil filter and filter systems. We build in the USA where we can personally ensure that each element is shipped with the same high quality, and we double inspect each element as it is sealed and boxed. We understand the importance of these filter elements in the equipment that they protect.

In short, we don’t just build elements that look alike; we build elements that perform alike. We have thousands of Switch Filtration® replacement John Crane Indufil filter elements running each and every day at major OEMS, refineries, and power plants around the world.

Switch Filtration customers are repeat customers because we care about where you are in the world, the best and most cost effective way to get the products to you, how they will be received when you receive them, how you will store your filter elements in humid or sandy environments, how you will handle them, and if you will have the necessary parts for the complete replacement.

We hope that you understand that just because you will pay a lesser price than the original OEM part, you are not getting less. We can assure you that you will be getting more for a lesser price.

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